Executive Health Coaching

What happens to the ship when those

steering it become unwell?

Executives and other C Suite managers have a tremendous amount of responsibility and often stress that accompanies those of us whose job requres peak performance can be more vunerable over time to health risks.

As with anyone, when an executive’s health begins to deteriorate oftern their work will suffer. In many cases, particularly for senior management, failing health can adversely affect the entire company.

The SimpleWisdom Executive Coaching Program offers the solution to help ensure the optimal health & wellness of a companys leadership team. By working one-on-one with top health coaches we closely focus on the individuals wellbeing and lifestyle.

The EHC Program Includes:

A comprehensive health assessment and screening of key biomarkers such as bloodwork, BMI, and other vitals.

*Establish sustainable wellness goals that incorporate work-life balance

*2x/month private health coaching sessions

*Provide access to the necessary ͚best-in-class͛ tools and services such as carefully vetted personal trainers, healthy food delivery options, and medical doctors if necessary

*Support accountability to help ensure progress

*Stress management tools and techniques.

*Regular biometric screening to track progress