Cultural Enhancement

Better Culture. Better Business.

What’s more important than your company’s culture?

Although no company will have 100% job satisfaction 100% of the time, a company is often defined by their culture. Many studies demonstrate the highest performing companies have superb cultures. What does a superb company culture look like? It’s a culture where people feel respected and treated well by management as well as one another. A place where people look forward to coming to work with one another.

Jack Ma, Founder & CEO of Alibaba, one of the world’s most successful companies (currently valued at over $150 billion)

Alibaba’s CEO believes his #1 responsibility is to his employees, before even shareholders and customers. Perhaps Alibaba’s approach to culture had something to do with their meteoric success.

How can SimpleWisdom Enhance A Company’s Culture?

1. 360-degree assessment of the company as a group including anonymous internal polling

2. Identify areas that need improvement

3. Discuss strategy with management

4. Implement enhancement strategy

Discover the Benefits of an Improved Workplace!

Today’s leaders know the key to growing their business starts with identifying where they stand. That’s why they rely on Great Place to Work to help them quantify and strengthen their #1 asset – their workplace culture. We help you get certified in becoming a Great Place To Work.

Examples of cultural enhancement include:

  • Installing sleeping pods and/or relaxation/meditation/prayer room
  • Healthy food delivery services (Fresh fruit Friday…etc)
  • Daily work breaks and brief walks
  • An effective Workplace Wellness Program
  • Health coaching services

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SimpleWisdom can help you to enhance your company’s culture.

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